www.harveysaks.com IV 2021 07 14


BLOG July 2021

The summer of 2021 commences with new strains of COVID infecting both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated populations as the country and world begin to reopen. The Olympics already delayed a year is taking place with limits on fans in the stadiums and cases of infections already side-lining athletes. The co-operation of local and global communities to work together and conquer the virus that has knocked down the world economies over the past year. Flash points in the Middle East are joined by those in the Black, Sea as well as the South China Sea. Heat waves are triggering wildfires around the world as well as droughts while other areas are being flooded by the water. Not a pretty picture.

But the Olympics are here and at least for now our geo-political objectives will be played out on a field of sports rather than that of war.