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Work Then and Now

Company Work History                                      Title                                                               Years      _     

University Applications Processing Center                    Programmer                                                 1973-1975

Hearst Publications                                                          Systems Programmer                                   1975-1976

Group Health Insurance                                                  Project Leader                                             1976-1977

Morgan Guarantee and Trust                                         Systems Programmer                                    1977-1978

Commercial Software Inc.                                               Consultant                                                    1978-1979

     American Can                                                                Programmer

     Meryll Lynch                                                                  Programmer

Software Design Associates                                            Systems Engineer                                         1979-1981

     American Express                                                          Course Developer/Trainer

     Electronic Data Services                                                 Trainer

     National Security Agency                                                Trainer

     PPG Industries                                                               Consultant/Trainer

     Social Security Administration                                         Trainer

     State of Iowa                                                                  Trainer

     UK Government Communications Headquarters              Trainer

     United States Marine Corps                                            Trainer

     United States Navy                                                         Consultant

     United States Postal Service                                            Trainer

     Western Electric                                                             Consultant/Trainer

Traditional Innovations Incorporated                              Consultant                                                  1981-1984

     Compensation Resources Inc.                                         Systems Developer

     Design Strategies Corporation                                         Consultant

          French American Bank                                               Systems Programmer

          Kmart Apparel                                                           Project Leader                                  

Compensation Resources Inc.                                          R&D Manager                                            1984-1986

Traditional Innovations Incorporated                              Consultant                                                   1986-Now

     Accurecord Inc.                                                              Programmer

     Choice Drug Systems                                                      Systems Developer

     Design Strategies Corporation                                         Consultant

          Dennison Corporation                                                Systems Developer

          Kmart Apparel                                                           Systems Developer

          SIAC                                                                         Systems Developer

     Exquisite Form Industries                                                 Systems Developer

     Key Systems                                                                   Systems Developer

     M Financial                                                                     Systems Analyst

     PaineWeber                                                                    Course Developer/Trainer

     Superior Computing                                                        Project Manager

     Total Manager International                                            Consultant

     Unilease                                                                         Systems Analyst

Symbol Technologies                                                       Industry Market Manager                              1991-1998

Siebel Systems                                                                 World Wide Competency Manager                1998-?

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This Page was last Updated on 01/29/2013

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