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As I regain my skill in developing my website this is the 2021 Version


In the last few years, my interests in technology have flourished as I have developed custom code using first Python and later C++ along with many custom libraries. Yet for decades I have avoided taking a deep dive into HTML. Finally, the time has come to correct that deficiency. I never enjoyed HTML as it is verbose and early on, I became used to the WYSWYG editor in Microsoft’s now defunct FrontPage, and the idea of spending time with the underlying code seemed to be a waste of time.

Now with HTML5, Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and many other integrations I am starting small and working with this decade’s old presence on the Web.

    My plans include storing all pictures of which there will be many into a database and developing an application that will create a Slide Show made up of the resulting image files.
  • Doing the same with video means editing and structuring hours of content into smaller segments searchable and presented on a viewer page.
  • Music will be comprised of either links to YouTube or a player to play personal creations.
  • Games will also be clips of video games that interest me.
  • The Link to HMSV3 is a link to the old Frontpage site missing many of its graphics.
  • The first page that will get attention will be the contact me page which will provide an ability to send me an email.

Thank you for stopping by.
As you can see this entire site is currently under construction as I experiment.


2021 Phone Camera Photograph

Elvis Picture I am one with all I see Elvis Picture
As I cotemplate a Tree, I become one with nature.


My latest find, "The Hu Band"

Well, this video with the lyric in English translation is the first time I understood its meaning. A powerful war chant Ghengis Khan would be proud of.

My Internet Radio Stream
Click on the Eagle and Flag to Open the Player

Click on the Eagle and Flag to Open the Player


A Most Excellent Routine by George Carlin

is one of my all time favorite comedy presentations


A Clip from a game that I have played for the last 5 years.

Salivating over the Controllers for the new Flight Simulator